SOAR… or Crawl if that’s all you can do in this moment.

Every day is not a bed of roses in the life of Stacy Lee-Williams. This blog is not all sunshine and sundresses its about my life so, good bad and the U.G. LEE (yes that’s my childhood nickname, thanks Dad).
Today is one of those ugly days though and…
DISCLAIMER: I’m about to be graphic so you can stop reading now if you’re finicky.

Today I don’t want to be woman, today I want to take my uterus out and fling it across the room and I don’t want to feel this pain of sledgehammers inside my stomach and back. I don’t want this flow so heavy… nevermind, too graphic. As I get older my monthly cycle has become increasing painful and hard. I’ve tried everything under the sun to deal with it. Last year I had an IUD, not for birth control reason but to help with the flow, help with the pain… long story, that resulted in a 35 pound weight gain, blurry vision, severe headaches and a depressive state most days, yet days like today, I actually miss that IUD!
Today it’s hard to get out the bed. I use every relief source available to me, midol, cbd, screaming and even stale leftover from some Christmas present, sugar covered popcorn (the only sweet thing I can find in the house to deal with my sugar cravings as I’ve gotten rid of everything else and just forgot about this one). I just want to sleep it away!  meds

Still though… let me list the things I am grateful for today.
I am grateful that what I do for a living does not require me to get out of bed today and go to work.
I am grateful for a hubby that made sure I had coffee, tea and water along with all the meds I needed at my bedside before he left.
I am grateful that one his way home he will fend for himself (and me) regarding dinner.
I am grateful that this is happening this week and not next week in the midst of the wedding.
So in this moment of relief, as I get up to take a shower and go back under the covers… I figured you all really wanted to hear from me today… I’m good and blessed. Hope you all are too. SOAR… while I crawl back to bed.

Manage Your Life!

Last night… I woke up out of a deep sleep craving something? Was I hungry? No. I’d had a wonderful home cooked meal made with love just for me. Sweets? Well that’s often the case especially this time of the month, but on this journey to creating healthier habits I decided just a taste (one skittle – I usually don’t keep candy in the house anymore so there is not temptation but I found these in my sons room (sorry son) and when that still didn’t do it, I sat with the energy that I was feeling trying to figure out next steps…

Feeling compelled (yes, its 11:30 at night) I stepped outside bare feet on the grass and looked up, straight into the most beautiful feeling and a Full Blood Supermoon + Total Lunar Eclipse happening. Phone cameras never do the moon any justice and it really wasn’t the moment that I was searching for the perfect photo (most of you know I am crazy with the camera) but just a beautiful moment in time to take in, get present, express gratitude and think about what I really wanted and was craving, to better manage my life. The gifts of the universe are so beautiful and precious, if only we took the time to receive them. Taking in a few deep breaths and giving thanks to The Most High for this beautiful experience, I went back inside (it was pretty cold out there) feeling at peace, renewed, refreshed, recharged and back to bed where for the first time in a long time I had a completely good night sleep.

I don’t know much about astrology, astronomy, lunar systems and the likes but an email came into my mailbox this morning regarding this moon and it said “Last night’s rare Full Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse was the catalyst for your awakening, illuminating your path for zealous forward motion and urging you to spring into action. A cosmic reset, if you will. Now is the time to let go of whatever is diming your light and keeping you stuck this year!” I’ll take it! I always say “The Universe Speaks To Me” and that comes in many forms, this was exactly the message I needed to renew and recharge and remind myself that this journey of Strength Over All Resistance (S.O.A.R) is not a quick fix, get to a goal and be done thing but a lifestyle change. Getting to a healthier place not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, financially and overall finding joy in the present moments is about managing your life, your thoughts, your decisions, your choices etc. Sadhguru said “Management means having situations the way we want it…” “If you had a choice, would you rather be blissed out or miserable?” –

I’d rather be blissed out! Manage Your Life! Make a commitment to a better you today. It’s hard work but… Strength Over All Resistance!

Survive Obstacles And Rise

yoga on the waterThe New Year started on a strange note. It was as if the Universe was letting me know that FLOW (my 2018 word) was over and it was time to put SOAR (Strength Over All Resistance) directly into practice as literally when the clock strike midnight I was in a head butt conversation. The morning progressed with more of the same and it felt like all that I knew the last year… ease, space, calmness and peace was coming to a screeching halt and I had to do everything in my power (resist) not getting angry, defensive and agitated. Scrolling through Facebook that day (I am noticing a pattern of me scrolling through Facebook here so we will address that in a post one day, however Facebook is where I find really cool information, especially on events) I noticed that Francesca Simonelli of Divine Freedom was offering a New Year Yoga session on the water in Jaycee Park Cape Coral. In my head I went through all the reasons why this was inconvenient (obstacles). It’s too far. It’s a holiday and the hubby is off so I should spend time with him. It’s too early. It was about an hour and a half before start time but I decided to join them. I called up my sister and sister in law (in November we had started a work out session at The Sunshine House with Alphonso Hopson of Empowering Love Fitness and today I wanted them to join me and count it as a train day) and persuaded them to get out of their beds with their husbands and families and we drove to the cape and joined the yoga class.

Oftentimes, we let our negative self-talk be our biggest obstacle. Our fear of trying new things, not being good enough, wondering what other people would think and say, our fear of lack – not enough money, not enough time etc. keeps us stuck in the same rut doing the same things over and over. I am determined to do everything in my power to break this cycle this year and… I am powerful! powerful
The scene was perfect. It was a beautiful morning with a light breeze and the sun shining brightly overhead. The spot that Francesca picked out was a few feet from the water and we can hear the ebb and flow of the water as we meditated then went into yoga.
First let me say this… yoga is hard! It looks so beautiful and easy but it’s HARD WORK! Francesca of course does it with such poise and grace that if I was still feeding myself the negative talks I would have surely rolled up my mat, get back in my car, never to return again. She led us through a beautiful meditation of releasing the old negatives from the past year, giving thanks for the positives and realigning ourselves with our source. I reflected on the last two years, so many obstacles that kept me from rising to my full potential. A business venture that didn’t fully get off the ground, hurricane Irma and its damages and costs, a 30 pound weight gain because I simply did not want to get off my couch and getting on a medication to help with other issues. Even the uneasy and unnatural way (to me) of going from beast mode to deliberate flow was a challenge for me. Making a deliberate effort to slow down and do less was so very hard, I oftentimes felt like I was crawling out of my skin.
Obstacles are everywhere. It seems the closer you get to realize your dreams the bigger the obstacles that gets placed in the way. Life is full of ups and downs and even though I realized that everything has a season and relinquishing control is sometimes the very best thing you can do, it was challenging. A friend told me recently I stay too much in my head trying to control outcomes than leading with my heart… that in itself is an obstacle that’s preventing me from rising. My heart for sure makes wise decisions.
As I lay on the yoga mat, flat on my back, eyes up to the beautiful clear skies… a single bird was soaring high above the clouds, I wondered what it must have felt like for the bird fresh out the nest trying to get its wings up for the first time. Scary? But yet here it was soaring high in the sky on this beautiful morning. I’m sure there was obstacles. I’m sure there was unease. I’m sure there was fear. Yet still, here is was Soaring! As I move into the yoga pose cobra (an animal that never gets off the ground) I made a decision… I am determined to Survive Obstacles And Rise. SOAR




SALT has become a thing… ever since I had a conversation about Rupi Kaur’s books Milk and Honey and The Sun and its Flowers with a therapist one day last year and she mentioned Salt. by Nayyirah Waheed, I’ve been searching bookstores all over the country for the book.  From The Hidden Lantern, tucked away in quiet exclusive Rosemary Beach in the Panhandle of Florida to the Book Loft to Ohio to Tennessee and Atlanta scouring through their poetry books looking for Salt.  In a conversation with a friend while standing in a book store I offhandedly mentioned that I was searching for this book and in about a week the book Salt was a gift.  “Can we speak in flowers, it would be easier for me to understand – other language” excerpt from Salt. SIDENOTE: I can fall in love with a person over a gift of a book! I love to read. I love bookstores. I love magazines. I love newspapers.

Driving to a meeting in Naples FL one day, I saw a sign… The Salt Cave, intrigued, I checked out their Facebook page and The Salt Cave it turns out is a room (cave) made up of salt. “the floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the salt cave are covered with food grade fine crystal salt. Tons of large salt rocks surround the visitors, placed along the walls and also found in wooden crates. To ensure the purest quality we use Himalayan pink crystal salt” (taken from the salt cave website) I went it to visit and found out about Halotherapy. Halotherapy, derived from the Greek alas, meaning “salt”, is a form of alternative medicine which makes use of salt.  While scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a sponsored post about a special the salt cave was having that day only so I decided to go try it.


To go inside the salt cave you release all your possessions, shoes off, no pocketbooks, cellphone or money allowed in. Being quiet is also required. The owner explains that the ceiling, walls and what felt like sand on the floor, were all salt. Then the room is closed and the salt generator is turned on and produces dry salt aerosol in a nonstop regime which guarantees maximum healing intensity and effectiveness.

I reclined my chair back, closed by eyes (you can feel a slight sensation of salt in your eyes) and concentrated on the music. I started to meditate and visualize what I wanted for 2019, as I did my inner vision was filled with eyes, eyes of lions, tigers, eagles (not sure what this means) and in my mind,  I was going over the past few years  and what I wanted the future to look like.  My self talk mirrored a conversation I was having with my friend Cliffonny the night before when I mentioned that I am ready to move forward, to find the anchor that keeps me grounded in fear and self sabotage and stops me from getting to the next level. We talked about saying Yes all the time, and giving and being taken advantage of and not feeling valued and all the things that we create in our head about our story of life. I mentioned that I had spent most of 2018 realigning myself with what I wanted in life and that I felt like I was on the cusp of something new, exciting and different,  and she said… “well maybe Stacy it’s your time to receive”.  I sat there thinking… Yes Stacy it’s your time to receive. Givers have a hard time receiving so this is going to be resistance. I have to find the Strength Over All Resistance (SOAR) including my ability to receive. I am going to make a conscious effort to accept the gifts that life presents to me graciously and with love and gratitude. I am fully expecting an abundance of it.  And then it hit me… just as the music stopped and the lights came back on to indicate the salt cave therapy session was over.  This is my time to receive. This is my Season Of Abundant Receiving. S.O.A.R.


I appreciate you joining me on this journey of my thoughts, experiences, lessons, gifts…. life. Much Love!


SOAR… The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!wings

As 2018 comes to a close  and I transition into the new year, my attention shifts to the new year and what I wanted out of it. I’ve always started the year with a new Word of the Year and then proceed to spend the next 365 days living that word to the fullest.  The word chooses me.  It shows up in several areas of my life and presents itself in the most uncommon places. I did a lot of traveling in 2018 and everywhere I went, I found wings. The word SOAR popped into my head several times throughout the year  but I discounted it because… well it didn’t seem like the right fit. I didn’t identify with a flying animal, as a matter of fact, my nickname is Lioness so could it be ROAR then? Or maybe RISE?  I knew though, that the answer would come to me eventually. IMG_8775

I started officially using a Word of the Year in 2015, the word was JOY. I started a monthly blog post – The Joy Journey and proceeded to live my word to the fullest.  2016 brought me ABUNDANCE, where I planned and executed my first sisterhood retreat – The Sunshine Abundance Retreat and in 2017 GROW was launched – out of that came two initiatives – GROW BUSINESS SOLUTIONS and G.R.O.W. – Global Rising of Women. 2018 stopped me in my tracks brought me to a halt with the realization that self care was at the very bottom of my list, a series of events and life changing realizations resulted in   2018 being the year to FLOW.  A year spent “going with the flow”. To a control freak, perfectionist, OCD person that felt like crawling out of my skin.

As I contemplated the next chapter of my life, and the new word, even though SOAR was in the back of my head, it didn’t seem practical. I was considering the word STRENGTH as I realized that strength was what I needed to get me through the next phase. STRENGTH: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Financially, Intellectually, Spiritually…

My FLOW year kept me grounded in taking one day at a time and doing whatever comes without trying to control the outcomes, I forced myself to resist the urge to do more, say yes more, serve more, work more but it did not elevate me in any of the  areas I wanted to grow in and 2019 I needed to get back into BEASTMODE. As I contemplated STRENGTH, I realized that I am my worst enemy when it comes to my goals and overcoming fears. It dawned on me that I self sabotage, would get within reach of goals I set for myself i.e. six pounds away from a weight goal before I start gaining  or  a small shortfall in my saving goals before I start spending needlessly and that I needed to resist the urge to do this.  So, was what I really needed RESISTANCE then?  Resistance  to the things that kept me from reaching my goals? Or the strength to resist the things that was keeping me from goals?

On my morning meditation walk one morning as I watched the birds high above me SOARING in the air, I thought about the strength I needed to get over all my resistance to the things that will make me better and then it came to me… S.O.A.R. Strength Over All Resistance.

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I open up and share with you my faults, my weaknesses, my triumphs and wins as I work to get to my goals… Let’s SOAR!



Strength Over All Resistance…. S.O.A.R