This is MAJOR!

major.jpgI got MAJOR news! Yes for real.. This is MAJOR! I actually like a dog. Yeah I know I got Major Issues. Now I know you think that there’s nothing to do it but bear in mind a year ago I couldn’t even see a dog without going cold. Being in the same room with one would have my anxiety on 10 and if it touched me… I swear I would probably pass out.

Major showed up in my yard at The Sunshine House in September. The Sunshine House seems to be a haven for strays as dogs and cats always seem to pop up from time to time. Because I’m deathly scared of dogs I would always call the kids to handle it. JD, if not home, would take the time to leave work, get the animal, take it to animal control and hope they can locate chip and find owners. But Major had major issues, he was tiny (for a pitbull) and cried the whole time I had him on the lanai, wanting to come in the house. Thankfully, my niece Ayri was with me that day and sat patiently with him until JD came to get him. As soon as he saw the dog, JD fell in love with him and vowed to keep him if he did not belong to anyone.

Animal services confirmed he was not chipped and after 3 days, JD was allowed to go get him. Maybe it’s because I was part of his rescue, maybe its because I met him so tiny, maybe its because he now belongs to JD but I can actually stand to play with and be near this dog. I wanted his name to be Boots (because of his 4 white paws) but JD refused to give his dog a “cat name”. His name is MAJOR. I kinda love him.


Dream Realized


These days… the things I wish for is less material and more experiences. I dream about traveling to places I’ve never seen before, seeing sunrises and sunsets in distance lands, meeting people I admire and love face to face, learning not to be afraid of dogs.

The past few years have afforded me many opportunities to be in the same room and even meet and touch some of the people (mostly authors, artists and spiritual teachers) I greatly admire. Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Lisa Nichols, Glennon Doyle, Panache Dasai… etc. so when I heard that Deepak Chopra was coming to Southwest Florida I was excited.

I’d first learn about Deepak Chopra when I saw him on an Oprah Winfrey show. Intrigued to see a brown person on national television I was enthralled as he spoke to Oprah of the power of the mind. Over the years I’ve read many of his books, read articles he wrote, listened to him on youtube and done several of his 21 day meditation courses – even buying a few. He was definitely on my list of people I would like to be in the same room with. Imagine being able to meditate with Deepak LIVE??? A girl can dream.

When my daughters texted me that my birthday present was tickets to see Deepak Chopra that dream was realized.  Words cannot describe the energy in the room when Deepak showed up on stage. For about 90 minutes he spoke. His voice is soothing and calm and as he walk the stage from side to side (never utilizing the stool provided)

He’d tell an occasional joke mixed it with very profound messages. He told of his new book MetaHuman, the research, the details etc. One profound explanation that stayed with me was that the body completely changes in a year. Skin, cells etc. and he said… “so last year when I visited Florida, I came with the same suitcase but a different body” WOW. He talked about how the temporariness of the body we are presently in. How it changed from birth, to infant, toddler, child, teenager, adult etc… what perspective to leave your ego in check and know that it is all temporary physically.

Getting him to sign my copy of his book…


A Dream Realized. deepak1

OutGrown the Grown Ups

In a conversation with my daughter last week, she asked (I’m paraphrasing)… “is there anything you learned as a child that you had to unlearn or do differently as an adult? She gave me her example. As a child she hated to show emotions, viewed it as a weakness but as an adult she is learning to express her emotions better. I agreed and thought about it.

My answer to her question was “I’ve learned that we can outgrow the grownups” explained that I sometimes look at the behavior or people older than myself that I’ve looked up to all my life as childish and sometimes see that they have not grown and I have surpassed them in understanding, accepting, changing, growing…

Life has a way of teaching you a lesson. Over some back and forth conversation about the week of thanksgiving, when my daughter will be in FL, I assumed I knew why she was making the decisions she was and acted out my emotions. Petty (as she calls it). My daughter, to my frustration is much more level headed than I.

On the drive to work this morning as we had to conversation of how she truly came to make her thanksgiving plans, I realized…. she was definitely acting more grown up that me in the moment. Outgrown the Grown Ups. Hmmmmm. At least I can admit and correct. Unlike my elders who seem still stuck in their box


For Her Children

Just Some Random Thoughts I Wanted To Get Out on what mothers will do… FOR HER CHILDREN

I went to an event the other day. It was a Domestic Violence Awareness event and women were sharing their stories and stories of women of the bible that went through some tough times.  Not sure why it sparked this blog but I remember leaving there thinking. I’ve seen many trials and tribulations in my life but I am grateful domestic violence is not one of them. Grateful for the caliber of love that I have attracted into my life. Grateful that even though my parents argued and fussed when I was a child. I don’t have any knowledge of domestic violence.

One survivor said she stayed  for her children… “I did it for my children” and this got me thinking about my mom. As a mother I get it but I can say that I was privileged to have never had to do anything for my children alone. Their father was an equal if not better more patience parent that I. But my mom….

I look back in wonder at how a woman who got married when she was 14 years old, never worked a day in her life before coming to the US, as a single parent with 5 children would come to a foreign country to struggle to provide a better life … FOR HER CHILDREN.

I remember our basement apartment, where my mom would come home from working  in a factory all day and her bed was a mattress on the floor, ours a little better being the pull out couch our upstairs neighbor was going to throw out. Why didn’t she take the “bed” and let us have the mattress? Selfishly, as a child I never even thought about it.

I marveled at the memory of how we made a home out of a tiny basement without any windows, hanging curtains against a wall in our living room (I think space with a temporary wall off the boiler room of the house). Did our laundry in the bathtub and hung it to dry in the boiler room and still was the home where all our friends love to come and hang out.  Mind you it wasn’t just the five of us, if you know anything about our culture, anyone you remotely knew in Guyana that was given the opportunity to come to the US and had nowhere to stay was considered family – blood related or not- and as a result we always had others living with us at varied times. From the mother-in-law of my aunt’s ex to cousins, uncles, aunts etc. How did she manage? I am in awe at the women who do it… FOR HER CHILDREN.

I am humbled and grateful that while I too may have made decisions based on being a mother, I can’t say I’ve ever had to really sacrifice anything significant as a result of having my children. I’ve never had to provide for or worry about my children well being single handedly and have been blessed with a hands on father, extended family members and friends. To the mothers like mine, that gave up so much of themselves FOR HER CHILDREN. I thank you for loving us.

Humbled and grateful.


abundance oil


I smell like Abundance! No seriously I really do. It has been my signature scent since 2016 when it was my word of the year and I found an essential oil from Young Living with that name. I lived Abundance that year.. and have since. I even had my friend Ontonio Christie create me a logo just for that word!



Its so divine!  Abundance™ combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.

Ingredients: Citrus aurantium dulcis† (Orange) peel oil, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil, Pogostemon cablin† (Patchouli) oil, Eugenia caryophyllus† (Clove) bud oil, Zingiber officinale† (Ginger) root oil, Commiphora myrrha† (Myrrh) oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum† (Cinnamon) bark oil, Picea mariana† (Black spruce) leaf oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil.

So every now and again… I will catch a whiff on it and be like… hmmmmm…. delicious. I guess it’s safe to say… I’m feeling myself… or rather… I’m smelling myself and I like it.

Do you have a signature scent?

Protect Your Peace


It came to me in a dream…. “Protect Your Peace”

Lately, I find myself dealing with myself on a whole different vibration. Maybe its the accumulation of eating clean, training hard, meditation, spending time in nature, reading good books and prayers but all of a sudden… I can’t tolorate much of anything that disturbs my spirit… and my peace and that includes my own negative thoughts and emotions.

The other day something came across my social media feed that I didn’t want to see. This happens from time to time with political posts, other peoples opinions, happenings on the news etc and all of a sudden it dawned on me… I didn’t have to see it. I had the power to block, unfollow, log off… like… I can’t control what happens in the world but I can control most of what happens in MY world… so I got rid of the offense and kept it moving.



Twisted Sista


I recently took this photo of myself doing a workout and when I looked at it, I remembered… I have scoliosis! I mean… I never forget, having scoliosis means living with chronic back pain… like EVERY SINGLE DAY but I forget sometimes that it means I’m twisted… unless I see a photo like this or catch a video of me walking (which looks titled to me every time but someone goes unnoticed by everyone else.




My diagnosis (I cant remember the exact terms used) is  a 5 degree curve of my last 3 lumbars and no cartilage between the lumbar and backbone because  its fused together (basically, no “wiggle” room – making turns and twists uncomfortable to painful.

What this means for me is some days my back is a dull ache and some days its downright excruciating. It means that clothes fit differently and even my face and smile is off (most people don’t notice). It means as much as I love it, I will never be able to ballroom dance gracefully like most of my family members (but at least now I have an answer to why it was so frustrating for my partners growing up – my dad, brother or uncles, when I could not follow their lead without tripping them up). It means that workouts are extra hard and recovery even more so. It means that I’m off centered most of the time and coordination challenged (this shows up as clumsy) basically… I’m a twisted sista.

I think my head is on straight though… although that might be up for debate.