Manage Your Life!

Last night… I woke up out of a deep sleep craving something? Was I hungry? No. I’d had a wonderful home cooked meal made with love just for me. Sweets? Well that’s often the case especially this time of the month, but on this journey to creating healthier habits I decided just a taste (one skittle – I usually don’t keep candy in the house anymore so there is not temptation but I found these in my sons room (sorry son) and when that still didn’t do it, I sat with the energy that I was feeling trying to figure out next steps…

Feeling compelled (yes, its 11:30 at night) I stepped outside bare feet on the grass and looked up, straight into the most beautiful feeling and a Full Blood Supermoon + Total Lunar Eclipse happening. Phone cameras never do the moon any justice and it really wasn’t the moment that I was searching for the perfect photo (most of you know I am crazy with the camera) but just a beautiful moment in time to take in, get present, express gratitude and think about what I really wanted and was craving, to better manage my life. The gifts of the universe are so beautiful and precious, if only we took the time to receive them. Taking in a few deep breaths and giving thanks to The Most High for this beautiful experience, I went back inside (it was pretty cold out there) feeling at peace, renewed, refreshed, recharged and back to bed where for the first time in a long time I had a completely good night sleep.

I don’t know much about astrology, astronomy, lunar systems and the likes but an email came into my mailbox this morning regarding this moon and it said “Last night’s rare Full Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse was the catalyst for your awakening, illuminating your path for zealous forward motion and urging you to spring into action. A cosmic reset, if you will. Now is the time to let go of whatever is diming your light and keeping you stuck this year!” I’ll take it! I always say “The Universe Speaks To Me” and that comes in many forms, this was exactly the message I needed to renew and recharge and remind myself that this journey of Strength Over All Resistance (S.O.A.R) is not a quick fix, get to a goal and be done thing but a lifestyle change. Getting to a healthier place not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, financially and overall finding joy in the present moments is about managing your life, your thoughts, your decisions, your choices etc. Sadhguru said “Management means having situations the way we want it…” “If you had a choice, would you rather be blissed out or miserable?” –

I’d rather be blissed out! Manage Your Life! Make a commitment to a better you today. It’s hard work but… Strength Over All Resistance!

3 thoughts on “Manage Your Life!”

  1. Complete healthy living definitely bombards its way to the forefront of your life after you’ve experienced some serious turmoil. I’m definitely choosing bliss on this second course of life.


  2. Stacy, you’re doing an amazing job on keeping yourself balanced on a Holistic level. Although during specific times of the year, humans are more receptive to spiritual energy. Its essential to keep our spirits high, our minds positive and optimistic, and our bodies Strong and healthy daily. Keep evolving…😃

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