SOAR… or Crawl if that’s all you can do in this moment.

Every day is not a bed of roses in the life of Stacy Lee-Williams. This blog is not all sunshine and sundresses its about my life so, good bad and the U.G. LEE (yes that’s my childhood nickname, thanks Dad).
Today is one of those ugly days though and…
DISCLAIMER: I’m about to be graphic so you can stop reading now if you’re finicky.

Today I don’t want to be woman, today I want to take my uterus out and fling it across the room and I don’t want to feel this pain of sledgehammers inside my stomach and back. I don’t want this flow so heavy… nevermind, too graphic. As I get older my monthly cycle has become increasing painful and hard. I’ve tried everything under the sun to deal with it. Last year I had an IUD, not for birth control reason but to help with the flow, help with the pain… long story, that resulted in a 35 pound weight gain, blurry vision, severe headaches and a depressive state most days, yet days like today, I actually miss that IUD!
Today it’s hard to get out the bed. I use every relief source available to me, midol, cbd, screaming and even stale leftover from some Christmas present, sugar covered popcorn (the only sweet thing I can find in the house to deal with my sugar cravings as I’ve gotten rid of everything else and just forgot about this one). I just want to sleep it away!  meds

Still though… let me list the things I am grateful for today.
I am grateful that what I do for a living does not require me to get out of bed today and go to work.
I am grateful for a hubby that made sure I had coffee, tea and water along with all the meds I needed at my bedside before he left.
I am grateful that one his way home he will fend for himself (and me) regarding dinner.
I am grateful that this is happening this week and not next week in the midst of the wedding.
So in this moment of relief, as I get up to take a shower and go back under the covers… I figured you all really wanted to hear from me today… I’m good and blessed. Hope you all are too. SOAR… while I crawl back to bed.

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