Island Adventures PT3. I fell off a mountain, ok… I slipped coming down a hill. Island Adventures


saturday 5

Saturday morning did not bring the same tranquility of the previous day. As a matter of fact, it started out downright messy. The toilet won’t flush. Thankfully, I was raised in the Caribbean and understand how to flush a toilet without needing a working I went outside to greet the sunrise but there was no tranquility to be found there either. It was barely morning but already, two preteen girls were laughing and chattering at the pool with was directly next to my patio. I sensed their discomfort with me in close proximity  and honestly, while I love children, I wasn’t interested in making friends this early either. I went back inside, I get it, this morning must be their parent’s opportunity to sleep in. I remember those days. Miss it even sometimes.

saturday 17
I’ve found the device that converts my power so I am plugged in to World Wide Web. Surfing as I enjoy some fresh-cut mangoes. For breakfast we decided on Zee Best Restaurant, I’d seen great reviews on my Pinterest search (now that I’m connected) on “things to do in St. Martin”. I will stop here to say, as of yet we have not found one single place in St. Martin that accepts credit cards. The whole island seems to be strictly a cash and carry operation, later I was told that the bigger, fancier, restaurants, resorts and supermarkets all accept credit cards but since we chose to eat at the local Lolos, buy from the roadside stands etc., we haven’t found one yet.
When we were leaving the USA, hubby suggested we stop at the bank for additional cash but having a couple of hundred dollars combined, I didn’t think it was a necessary I didn’t like carrying lots of cash and because I figured we could just use our card if necessary. I was quickly realizing though, that could have been a bad idea. Having visited many of the Caribbean island, I understand that typically, on an island, we expect to pay way more because tourism is their number one source of income and also, almost everything is imported however, we were pleasantly surprised that nothing on this island seemed grossly overpriced or expensive.
Zee Best Restaurant, voted the best breakfast place on the island 7 years in a row, established since 1983 is a household name for vacationers and residents alike, surely this will be the first place we patronize that accepts credit cards right? Wrong. Now I don’t think there is rhyme or reason to who does or don’t. Oh well, we’ve made a decision yesterday to wing it and not go to the bank. We shall see how this ends up. I guess I can stand to miss a meal or two right? But not this morning, this morning at Zee Best Restaurant, the quiche, is to die for. Flaky crust on the outside, moist and perfect on the inside, just the right size and priced at $4.50 it was a win overall.

saturday 6

Yesterday, while we driving around the island, sightseeing, we drove past what I now know (Thanks Sunni) is Harold Jacks Lookout Point – this is a hill overlooking the ocean and part of the island, I decided this morning that I was going to climb this hill… in a sandals and dress. I definitely wasn’t wearing the appropriate gear for climbing but it’s a beautiful morning and I’m on an adventure so, I did it! Then promptly proceeded to buss my ass on the climb down. NOTE TO SELF: Do not climb rocky hills with sandals that had no traction.

Exhilarated that I did it, I texted a friend: “I just climbed a mountain this morning!” and sent a picture as proof. The response was swift “Looks like the hill to my house in JA”. Way to squash my excitement at an actual climb friend. Anyway, this is an adventure and I create my own rules and regulations and Harold Jack’s Lookout Point is on a mountaintop. I, Stacy Lee-Williams had made my first climb. SOAR!

saturday 1
St Martin claim to fame beach Maho Beach, is a small strip of beach right off the airport. I had seen YouTube videos of visitors taking photos with planes so low you can actually see the passengers inside and when large planes take off, people stand behind it and the jet blast literally blows them off their feet. We decided to experience this. We hung around the beach, taking photos as planes land and took off. Yes, that take off was pretty terrifying the first time around. Hubby and I joyously joined the other adventure seekers. It was fun.
saturday 16


We stayed for the sunset.

saturday 2

Leaving the beach windows down, listening to the sounds of the island as we drove around, one thing was apparently, as it usually is on all the islands, Saturday nights was “hang out” time. Dominoes knocking, people standing around with beers, music blasting, as we meet people on the island a typical question to us “Where are you from” but “We are from Florida” was not what they were looking for. “But, where are you from originally?” When we mentioned we were born in Guyana, we kept hearing about a “Guyanese spot” Kenny Korner, so we decided to try it for dinner. We were not disappointed. Dahl, rice and bunjal curry with a sorrel shandy for me and a Guyanese style chicken fried rice for Leo, it was pure deliciousness. Listening to Sally (the owner) tell us about her experience with Hurricane Irma. Her restaurant is the first floor of the building she lives in. Hurricane Irma blew away her home upstairs and they lived downstairs in the restaurant for months after as they rebuild. She said “We slept in the VIP area (a small elevated section) and get up in the morning and prop up the mattress and go about our business. I opened up the restaurant and fed everyone after the hurricane, we had to come together as a people, these people are my loyal customers today” I told her I enjoyed her food. Sally said that her food is, “cooked with love and served with a blessing”. I agreed.

saturday 8
Heading back to the apartment to call it a night, looking down into the valley, lit up with homes as people settle in for the night, I thought to myself… I think I just feel in love with a whole damn island.

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