Rebloom – Brighter Location – Welcome Home



It started when my friend, Jill Passarella, gifted me one when my mom passed away. I kept that thing for years, not quiet sure how to take care of it (my motto use to be “I can kill weeds”) and with the exception of once, I could never get it to rebloom.  My mother in law kept the ones I gifted her from time to time in trees and I was always in awe at her green thumb and that they rebloomed. The orchid has always been one of my favorite plants.

Last year I bought one at Costco thinking, Oh well… at least I can enjoy it for this season. I’ve been slowly adding live plants to the lanai and kitchen window sill and somehow I have managed to keep most of them alive.

I read in an article in “If you are trying to make an orchid rebloom, the first thing to try is moving the plant to a brighter location….” I remember thinking – this could be a metaphor for life… “coming out of the dark” something to remember when you are in dark times, whatever it is, work, love, stress – move to a “brighter” location.

Last week, coming back from a trip to St Marteen/Sint Martin, I grabbed my Chemex that Sunday morning  and went to have coffee out on the lanai. My heart leapt with joy! My orchid was in full bloom! What a beautiful sight, as if to say Welcome Home! “Brighter Location” “Rebloom”


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