S.O.A.R. (Sore) Today, Strong Tomorrow

S.O.A.R (Sore)Today Strong Tomorrow.



Checking out some fitness bloggers and one was wearing this tank that said SORE TODAY, STRONG TOMORROW! I love it, especially given the fact that all my muscles are on fire at the moment. I touched my shin by accident and almost past out at the pain that I felt. Thank God for massages!

The message is great tho, especially as it fit  in with my Word Of The Year SOAR (Strength Over All Resistance)

Strength Over All Resistance Today, Strong Tomorrow! While I get my a$$ Up and go hit the trail for a walk even tho I don’t wanna.

BTW: If any of you wanna bless me with the tank (if anybody even reads my blog) I’m dropping a link….

Happy Sunday!

Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Tank
Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Tank







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