Grace & Gratitude

Gratitude Is A Must! Grace I’m still working on…

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Today starts the FREE 21 day meditation experience from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey called…  Manifesting Grace through Gratitude.

I’ve been utilizing Oprah & Deepak’s meditation experiences for years. I use to only do them when it was free but I’ve since bought a few and rely on them heavily when I need to center myself.

I Give Thanks EVERYDAY, ALL DAY. Grace, however, has several definitions but the one I struggle with the most is… there is grace when you forgive someone else or show mercy. I struggle with letting go… of anything that personally affects me. I stay in my story, going over it over and over in my head, playing out all the scenarios, exploring all the options and the whys. I say all the time, there’s an unbirthed lawyer in me, I always want the who, what, when, where, whys.

In mediation this morning, and after a discussion last night with a friend about spinning my wheels going over the same thing for years, I realized, the hardest person for me to forgive or show mercy is myself. I blame others but secretly, I feel like the failure most of the time, wondering where I went wrong, what I could have done differently, why am I the way I am?

Today, I am making a conscious effort to extend Grace in all aspects of my life to myself and to everyone I can.  Grace is the amount of light in our souls” – Pope Francis. Can my soul be glowing then?


Join the meditation experience here.



Our centering thought for today is:
When I am grateful, I find my grace.

1 thought on “Grace & Gratitude”

  1. Stacy, I think grace and gratitude are synonymous however grace is like the mother of gratitude. Meaning; “Grace is being blessed without any karmic doing on your part.” Gratitude is simply; “Thankfulness for whatever your reasons may be” I’m learning and have learned that in unforgiveness makes me feel dirty and weak within, so I do my best not to entertain it. Keep growing…..


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