Yoga Mat – This song deserves a blog post

On The Mat
Yoga Mat, On The Floor, It’s More Than That, It’s A Metaphor


Daily ritual, sweep the whole room
Feng Shui, all things in order
Keep it simple, open up a window
Let the light and the fresh breeze in the temple
Morning yoga, proper posture
Sun salutation, realign the chakras
Keep stretching, deep breaths
Release tension, release stress
Stay on purpose, maintain balance
Nobody’s perfect, the path is the practice
Good habits, zen focus
Remain present in each moment
The yoga mat, on the floor
It’s more than that, it’s a metaphor
Soldiers orders are in a war
A living chant, a growing plant
The craftwork of the Buddhist hands
The overcoming of circumstance
The everflowing eternal dance
A strong spirit, a free thought
An open mind, a loving heart
Approach others with compassion
A simple truth, wise actions
Stay humble, continue learning
It’s not the destination, it’s the journey
Welcome courage, stay grounded
See all sides, be well rounded
The yoga mat, on the floor
It’s more than that, it’s a metaphor
Don’t need a lot, just enough
Do more with less, get better results
Embrace change, because things must
Its universal, in all circles
It resonates in all cultures
We have vice, we have virtue
Yin and yang, and vice versa
The seed that grows is the one you nurture
Each posture needs silent structure
The physical, the spiritual
The maintenance, the ritual
The meditation, the power mantra
The affirmation in the subconscious
The mastery of emotion
Like a dolphin, at one with the ocean
Ride the waves, let them pass
The yoga mat, on the floor…
It’s more than that, it’s a metaphor





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