No Script Life!





A friend said to me today… “man, the thing about your life is you have no script, you do whatever brings you joy in the moment” I like it! I’m going to take that! I live a NO SCRIPT LIFE.

I could possibly have breakfast for dinner, turn around in rush hour traffic home and go watch a sunset on the beach, spend the day working out of my she shed instead of the office, put an overnight bag in my car and drive until I don’t want to  anymore and stop wherever I am and spend the night,  dance in the rain, take off my shoes and walk barefoot outside to touch the earth.



Last week alone I left for a dinner date and end up at a reggae concert, visited a thanksgiving chapel in the middle of a busy downtown city, went to a lantern festival, rode a vintage train, went to rodeo, danced with fairies under a rainbow (courtesy of the lighting and my phone I guess), left to go to the bank to make a deposit and end up checking out a art display at the local theatre and left my desk for lunch and end up in a salt cave.



It is in these moments that I live my best life! I’m a Virgo , I am OCD, structure is a part of who I am. I walk around moving objects into “rightful places” and have a to do list and agenda for EVERYTHING under the sun but it is these mindful moments to live outside my box that brings me the greatest joy.

Do something NO SCRIPT today! Comment below and tell me about it!

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