Raising The Bar



I’ve never done strength training in my life. Never worked out with weights. Even when I hit the gym I go straight to the treadmill and only the treadmill. It’s my comfort zone! So when my trainer Alphonso Hopson suggested I work out with weights for strength training I have to admit I was petrified! I decided to give it a try – because the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things over and over and expect different results – and I wanted different results.

I want to be toned but I made it abundantly clear to him that I was not interested in being muscular. I’m a girly girl, I like my curves, the softness of my body and also… hubby said that was in the marriage agreement (go figure).

Strength training is incredibly hard. I hate pain.. and.. its painful! I hate being sore for days (my word of the year is SOAR not SORE dammit) and you are sore for days after a good strength training. But strength training is more than physical. It takes mental strength and determination to get through it. I literally have to focus on the task at hand and only that. The resistance is incredible and I have to pray for S.O.A.R – Strength Over All Resistance.  Sometimes I have to shut everything out and focus on the W.I.N –   What’s Important Now – to get through it. What’s Important Now is to get through each set, get strong, mentally, physically, emotionally…

I’m Raising The Bar on myself…

Deep Breath… Hands UP!!!!


NOTE: Tank top gifted by my wonderful cousin Alicia Welcome after I posted it in a previous blog – thanks Cuz. Love You

2 thoughts on “Raising The Bar”

  1. Stacy, your weight lost transformation is going great. It’s a Blessing and a Honor for me to be your Trainer…


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